Posted by: merrymagdalena | October 3, 2007

My Other Crazy Ideas..

Please don’t judge me as an ambitious one. But deeply on my heart, I really want to make some of my dreams come true.  These area the list of the part of my recent dream:

1. Finnish and publish my science fiction book about hacker Trixie and The Underground. Hmm not only an original sci-fi book, but ilustrated untitled.JPGby Chris Lie, a great famouus ilustrator of GI Joe that I interviewed on Netsains.Com.

2.  Write some song lyrics with Yockie Suryo Prayogo  and sing it with him. (ehem!) Man, I really admire him as a Indonesian veteran rock musician. Check how is he so inspiring from my chit chat with this God Bless ex keyboardist at Netsains.Com.

3. And of course I really deeply want my Netsains.Com gonna be a coolest sci-tech online media in Indonesia at least. Altough have no good income yet, this web is linked to many many web that categorized us besides Wikipedia. And several online media as Okezone and Republika are quoted our content. Hmm I am very proud about it!

Posted by: merrymagdalena | September 26, 2007

Website As Media Expose of Your Company

novel4.JPGThere so many great and skillfull people who runs a company but don’t know yet how to promote it. Website is only a solution for them! How to make your company know by someone else? How to make everybody know how powerfull your skill is? Website can do it!

TBN is my 1st client who trust me to handling theit website company. With my journalism experience, I am trying to make their website so informative and updated. I really love this challenge! Anyone out there wanna contact me to handle their website company?

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Blog As A Media Campaign

novel3.JPGBlog is a great media campaign! So many public figure use this stuff to run their campaign. Presdient, Minister, CEO, Activist, just name it! You could googling many popular person who have blog. But not all of them has many time to manage the blogs. So…I coul do it!

Betti Alisjahbana, CEO of IBM Indonesia, has a blog that I manage. This blog is her media campaign as a candiate of ITB’s Alumni Association. I help her to manage it and support her with some of my ideas. Is there anyone out there who wanna trust me to manage their blog as media campaign? Mr.President wanna be, maybe???

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My 1st Book Published

cyberlawtakperlutakut.jpgI never dream that my 1st book publihsed is a non fiction book. Really! I always dream that my 1st launching book is a novel or science fiction or even comic. But what can I say, it’s happened! My 1st book is a popular book about cyberlaw, Cyberlaw, Tidak Perlu Takut.

This is not kinda seriuos book who make you fall asleep, not at all. I wrote some interviews with some Indonesian hackers, how their do, what they think about Cyberlaw, etc. I wrote this book with my friend, Mas Wigrantoro Roes Setyadi, a lecturer and a telecommunication expert. Hope someday we will wrote another cool book, in the future.

Posted by: merrymagdalena | September 26, 2007, Popular Sci-Tech Online Media

novel2.JPGYeah, you can say that Netsains.Com is my leading project now.  Begin from my desperation feeling because sci-tech page on my newspaper, Sinar Harapan Daily has removed. On the other side, I already fall in love with sci-tech field. I like to write many things about sci-tech issues. So I develope an online media that specialize cover sci-tech issues.

This is not as the major online media that only published  news and news. Netsains.Com just like a sci-tech journals that cover feature writings, opinions, exclusive interviews, and a little bit of translated news from wires. Wow, there’s so many scientists, academicians, and many expert people who contribute their writings here. I really love it!

But the homework is: make Netsains.Come go commercial. Anyone out there wanna sponsor this cool website?

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Sayangi Indonesia..Love Our Indonesia

gse_multipart32843.jpgpoligami.jpgI am not kinda nationalist person or whatsoever. But I ammusik.jpg trying to be good citizen, sympathic human being, have many friends and always try to do many good things on this earth.

As Indonesian, I try to be a good Indonesian. How? I have a campaign “Sayangi Indonesia” and already make a T-Shirt designnovel1.JPG by my friend Wicak. The logo itself design by Amir. We sold these T-Shirt as limited edition. And I still have other design about the campaign, still Wicak who made it.

So happy found that my Sayangi Indonesia’s T-Shirt wore by The Minister of Researh and Technology, Mr Kusmayanto Kadiman and so so many great people.

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Sexual Revolution…Book Unpublished!

untitled1.JPGDon’t be panic when you read the title. Revolusi Seksual or in English means Sexual Revolution. Come on, this is not as you think about “that” revolution. I call it revolution because as woman, sometimes I have many many crazy ideas about relation between genders.

I share all those ideas on this weblog. The unique is, the comments from the reader are more enthusiats and emotionally than my writing itself.

Sorry again, the content is still in Bahasa Indonesia.

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Hacker Story…Unfinished

novel.JPGOn The Net, Nobody Knows You’re a Dog. That jargon created by Paul Steiner on The New Yorker gave me an idea to wrote this novel.

Still unfinished. Many friends of mine asking me, “When will you finish the story?” Oh, I already have many plot in my mind. But pittifully, I have no time and energy to finish it. Hope someday it will be a great book. you can read it at Di Internet, Tak Ada yang Tahu Kau Adalah Anjing.

Sorry, still in Bahasa Indonesia. Yeah, someday I had to finish the story about a woman hacker who fall in love to the wrong guy. Mix of science fiction and stupid romance…Wakakakak!

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Pingu, My 1st Product with My Friend, Ajeng

budrah1.jpgThis is Pingu. Linux’s mascot that people call it: Tux. Me and Ajeng my created this cutie doll and sold it to everybody. We’ve got partners like Linuxindo and Gudanglinux to distributed it. Hope someday we could run this business again.

These are pic of our cutie Pingu. The left side is when Pingu dispayed besides Budi Rahardjo at Jogja’s Linux Community.

Why I did I made this stuff? Because I really like the Tux’ form. So cute and sweety. I tried to find the cute Tux doll that really similiar with the mascot. But poor me, I never find it. So I told Ajeng: “Why don’t we find a good manufacture that could make the cutest Tux for us and the we could sell it?”

Then I found it! We sold it to APJII, Johar Alam, I Made Wiryana, Donny BU, Judith MS, Onno Purbo (oops, this guy sold it again to his fellow..hahaha!), and so so many Linuxer who love to collect Linux’s merchandize.

Until now, still many people asking us about Pingu. anybody there wanna invest to run this business?